ONLINE AND ON SITE: Hot Topic Day “3D printing in Pharmaceutics” on November 27th 2020 (in Lille, France)

3D printing in Pharmaceutics


3D Printing has become a “Hot Topic” in Pharmaceutics:

 The versatility of this novel production technique offers a large range of advantages and will likely enable substantially improved medications in the future. Personalized medicine with individualized dosing adapted to the specific needs of each patient is just one of the many possible breakthroughs that might become reality. It is telling that in our societies we are used to have a broad choice of standard sizes and shapes for our clothes, but generally only a very limited choice of dose strengths of medicines.

     However, there are numerous hurdles that are still to be overcome for 3D printing in pharmaceutics, and the real potential of this revolutionizing technique has not yet fully been exploited. This “Hot Topic Day” will give on overview on the current state of the art in this rapidly evolving field and point out possible bottlenecks and strategies how to address them. Technical aspects will be treated, but also clinical applications and quality control tools. The entire spectrum: from the basic concepts, technical manufacturing features, the portfolio of suitable excipients (especially polymers), quality assurance and treatment of patients will be covered.

Invited speakers

  • Prof. Abdul Basit, University College London, UK
    3D Printing in Pharmaceutics: Where are we ?
  • Dr. Atheer Awad, University College London, UK
    Clinical Applications of 3D Printed Medecines
  • Korinde van den Heuvel, Senior product developer, DFE Pharma, The Netherlands
    3D Powder bed printing with lactose: a showcase
  • Prof. Andrea Gazzaniga, University of Milano, Italy
    Towards 4D Printing
  • Dr. Alvaro Goyanes, FabRx, Ashford, UK
    Novel 3D Printing Technologies in Pharmaceutics
  • Dr. Mohammad J. Mirzaali, University of Delft, The Nethelands
    3D Printing from an engineering point of view: What is feasible today ?
  • Dr. Jonathan Goole, University of Brussels, Belgium
    3D Printing with biodegradable polymers
  • Prof. Jukka Rantanen, University of Copenhagen, Denmark
    Analytical aspects of printed oral dosage forms
  • Dr. Camille Dumont, Formulation Scientist-Pharma, Gattefosse, France
    3D Printing of pharmaceutical solid lipid-based formulations

     World-wide leading experts in the field from academia and industry will present and discuss with the audience. This includes pioneers in this domain like Prof. Abdul Basit from the University College London and Prof. Andrea Gazzaniga from the University of Milano, who will talk about “4D printing” (3D printing of systems which undergo pre-programmed shape modifications over time). The engineer Dr. Mirzaali from the University of Delft will explain what is feasible today and what might be possible tomorrow. Dr. Goole from the University of Brussels will give an overview on the use of 3D printing with biodegradable polymers, and Dr. Goyanes from the company FabRx will report on translation into industrial applications. Prof. Rantanen from the Univesity of Copenhagen will explain which analytical aspects are of key importance and how an efficient quality assurance system can be envisaged. Clinical examples of applications of 3D printed medicines will be given by Dr. Trenfield from the University College London.

     In addition to these oral lectures, poster presentations will give the opportunity to learn about the latest research findings in the field of 3D printing in pharmaceutics. Furthermore, an industrial exhibition will allow getting into contact with companies working in this “hot field” and to learn about ongoing international research consortia, e.g. of the Interreg Project “Site-Specific Drug Delivery” (

                    The hot topic day will be held both ONLINE AND ON SITE (at the University of Lille, College of Pharmacy, 3 rue du Professeur Laguesse).

Lille can be easily reached by train (TGV, Eurostar: 30 min from Brussels, 50 min from Paris, 1.30 h from London), by plane (Lille Lesquin Airport, or Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport at 50 min by train, or Brussels International Airport at 30 min by train) as well as by car.


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