Candidates for APGI council 2019

There are 10 candidates for 10 available seats in the board council

Jean Pierre Collaveri

Jean Pierre Collaveri has a Pharm D. diploma from University of Paris V. He is presently running Verypharm Consulting, a company dedicated to pharmaceutical products development and support. He has been employed for the past 30 years in international companies as Eastman Kodak, Sanofi, Rhone Poulenc, Aventis. He has been alternatively part of the R&D and industrial structures in these various companies, for the development and industrial launches and maintenance of multiple formulas of NCEs, generics and line extension products, in various countries including Latin America, Africa, Asia.  He has developed expertises at the drug product/drug substance interface, from the API physical quality to the biopharmacy and the pharmacokinetics, in the pharma processes and the procurement of formulas components. He is owner of various patents and innovation awards.

Vincent Faivre

Pharmacist from the University of Lyon I (1998), I obtained my PhD in Pharmaceutical Technology from the University of Paris-Sud in 2000, my HDR in 2011 and the professor qualification in 2015. After a position at Lyon I (2001-2004), I joined the Institut Galien Paris-Sud as a member of the team “physical chemistry of multiphase systems”. My work mainly deals with the used of lipid-based materials for the development of drug delivery systems, from bulk to nano-scales. The correlations between the raw materials properties (melting temperature, structural behavior, etc.), the process key-parameters and the final product attributes are notably investigated. Among others, I studied lipid microspheres obtained by prilling and used for controlled drug delivery, glycolipid-based assemblies for targeting or patented Janus (anisotrope) nanoparticles able to carry active pharmaceutical ingredients with opposite solubilities.
Beyond regular participation to congress, world meetings notably, I had the opportunity to contribute in some activities of the association as the jury of the young investigator award, by giving talks during APGI – Setaram workshop or the recent formulation days, or as co-chair of the next APGI-Skin forum symposium (Sept. 2019). As a board council member, I want to continue my implication in the society. Indeed, through my collaborative works with companies, I understood the crucial role of effective interactions between academics and industrials, including raw materials or equipments suppliers. Because of the composition of its board and its activities, APGI is an essential and recognised link for people who are concerned with pharmaceutical technology.

Mounira Hamoudi

Mounira Hamoudi est Docteur en Pharmacie depuis 2006 et Docteur en Pharmacotechnie et Biopharmacie depuis 2012 (Université Paris-Sud). Depuis 2013, elle est Maître de Conférences en Pharmacotechnie Industrielle à la Faculté de Pharmacie de Lille et effectue sa partie recherche au sein de l’unité INSERM U1008, « Médicaments et Biomatériaux à Libération Contrôlée ». Ses travaux de recherche portent sur les formes galéniques biodégradables (implants et microparticules) à libération contrôlée et destinées à la voie injectable. Mounira HAMOUDI est membre de l’APGI depuis 2008 et du conseil de l’APGI depuis 2017. Elle s’implique dans l’organisation d’évènements organisés par l’APGI. Elle est chargée de mettre à jour le site web de l’APGI depuis 2015. Elle est également fortement impliquée dans l’édition de la Gazette de l’APGI depuis 2014.

Elise Lepeltier

Elise Lepeltier is a chemist from one of the most selective and prestigious French Grandes Ecoles called “Ecole Normale Supérieure”. In 2013, she defended her PhD on self-assemblies composed of nucleosidic analogues coupled with terpenoids, as an original platform for anticancer drug delivery, in an ERC project led by Prof. Patrick Couvreur and under the supervision of Dr. Claudie Bourgaux (Institut Galien Paris-Sud, University Paris-Sud).
She spent two years as a post-doctoral fellow in the Helmholtz Institute for Pharmaceutical Research (Saarbrücken, Germany), working on the development of innovative nanomedicines using biopolymers in the context of infectious diseases (supervisor: Pr. Claus-Michael Lehr).
Appointed in 2015 as an Associate Professor in MINT laboratory (Translationnal Micro and Nanomedicines), led by Pr. Saulnier (University of Angers, France), she is the leader of a research axe called “Surface functionalization and self-assembly”, in close collaboration with Prof. Passirani. Her main objective is to design fonctionnalized nanocarriers, for the smart delivery of anticancer compounds.

Anne-Marie Lhéritier

Dr Anne-Marie LHERITIER, HDR , pH D in Pharmaceutical Sciences Paris XI.  Full time Professor of formulation and Head of Formulation and Sensory department at Ecole de Biologie Industrielle, Cergy, France (management of 200 panelists experts in sensory evaluation).   Board member of the sensory group of AFNOR (ISO) and of European Pediatric Formulation Initiative (EUPFI), leader of the Non-Food WG at European Sensory Science Society (E3S).
Core research interest
Improving the well-being of people is the main preoccupation of my research and that's why I started a research activity in the sensory science over 20 years ago. First focused on development of topical galenics, I have developed referential and methods adapted to the evaluation of these products. Today, my research field is wider and it integrates the studies of sensation, acceptability and emotion in a quality by design approach of variables formulations. This ensures design of product that meets the expectations of the consumers in terms of performance safety and acceptability.

Susanne Muschert

I have studied pharmacy at the Free University in Berlin, Germany and obtained my PhD diploma in 2008 at the University of Lille, France (supervisor: Pr. J. Siepmann). Since 2009 I am a Senior Lecturer and Scientist (Maitre de Conferences) at the University of Lille and work in the research unit INSERM U 1008 “Controlled Drug Delivery Systems and Biomaterials”. My research focusses on advices for oral administration with controlled drug release, based on polymer blends. I conducted research projects including Hot Melt Extruded matrices for improved release kinetics of practically water-insoluble drugs and polymeric film coatings for sustained drug release from pellets. My research collaborations are reaching from international industrial partners to the European Union. I serve as an occasional reviewer for the “International Journal of Pharmaceutics”, the “Journal of Drug Delivery Science and Technology” and the “Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences”. As a board member of the AFEPG (Association of French Speaking Lecturers in Pharmaceutical Technology) I am committed to a harmonization and valorization of Pharmaceutical Technology within the academic system of French universities. I also co-edit the Pharmaceutical Solid State Research Cluster’s website ( My research interests are Oral solid dosage forms for sustained drug release, Hot-Melt extrusion with polymers and Polymeric Film Coating.


Florence Siepmann

Florence Siepmann a effectué ses études de Pharmacie à l’Université d’Angers et son doctorat à la Freie Universitaet Berlin en Allemagne. Nommée Maître de Conférences en 2006, puis Professeur en 2016 à l’Université de Lille elle effectue ses travaux de recherche au sein de l’unité INSERM U1008 « Médicaments et Biomatériaux à Libération Contrôlée ». Depuis Janvier 2016, elle est rédactrice-en-chef du Journal of Drug Delivery Science and Technology. Ses principaux axes de recherche portent sur les formes à libération contrôlée et l’élucidation des mécanismes de libération sous-jacents, notamment par modélisation mathématique. Elle est auteur de plus de 100 publications, 200 posters et 40 présentations orales. Florence Siepmann est membre du conseil de l’APGI depuis 2011 où elle s’implique dans l’organisation de workshops, notamment le « 1er et 2nd Coating Workshop » (2008, 2013) ainsi que le « Poorly Soluble Drugs Workshop  » (2011, 2014) et l’« Oral Controlled Release Workshop » (2017).

Joël Richard

Joël Richard is currently Head of Technical & Pharmaceutical Operations at MedinCell (Montpellier, France). He is leading the development activities of the company, based on the proprietary technology BEPO® for Long-Acting Injectables. (LAIs). Joël has 30 years of experience in chemistry and (bio)pharmaceutical R&D, including several global senior positions in various Biotech and Pharma companies, such as Ipsen (France), Serono (Italy), MerckSerono (Germany), Ethypharm (France). Joël has focused his research activity on new formulation technologies and innovative drug delivery systems (microspheres, nanosystems, self-assembling gels), especially for injectable peptide and protein formulations. He has graduated from Ecole Normale Supérieure (Cachan, France), and got a PhD in Materials Science (Paris VI, France), and the “Habilitation à Diriger les Recherches” in Chemistry (Bordeaux I, France). He has published 68 peer-reviewed scientific papers, 8 book chapters and 2 review editorials in various fields. He is the author of 140 international communications and 55 patent families. He has already served as an APGI Board Member for 2 years.

Patrice Tewa Tagne

Pharmacist, I obtained a master degree in Pharmaceutical Sciences at Paris XI University and my PhD in Pharmacotechnical engineering at Lyon 1 University in 2007. I served also as Intern at Lyon’ Hospitals from 2001 to 2006.
Since 2014, I joined Biocodex as Experimental Drug & Product Development Manager.  My main activities deal with pharmaceutical innovation, industrial development, validations (process and analytical methods), transfers, clinical evaluation and regulatory expertise.
Member of the Association of Industrial Galenic Pharmacy (APGI) for many years, I would like to apply again as a candidate to the APGI board. Some years ago, I had the possibility to contribute as the jury of the young investigator award. I wish to continue to promote APGI activities within the industrial field as well as contribute for its development as a scientific society of reference.

Pascal Wehrlé

Pascal Wehrlé est Docteur en pharmacie (1988) et Professeur des Universités (1995) à la Faculté de Pharmacie de Strasbourg. Il est Membre du conseil de l’Association de Pharmacie Galénique Industrielle (APGI) depuis de nombreuses années. Il occupe les responsabilités ci-dessous et participe à de nombreuses activités.
Responsable du Master Ingénierie pharmaceutique (M1 + M2 en alternance)
Référent apprentissage du Master IP.
Responsable de la plateforme de pharmacie galénique et de technologie industrielle.
Chargé de mission « Université numérique » auprès de l’UNESS.
Créateur de Pharma3D, monde virtuel de la pharmacie.
Président de l’Association pour la Promotion des Pharmacies EXpérimentales (APPEX)
Responsable du parcours « Pharmacie d’Officine »
Membre élu du Conseil de la Faculté de Pharmacie de Strasbourg
Membre du Conseil scientifique de l’APEPPU – formation post-universitaire.
Conseiller ordinal – Conseil Régional de l’Ordre des Pharmaciens – Région Alsace. Membre de la commission de discipline de l’ordre (Région Alsace).Membre de l’APMSA (Association des pharmaciens maîtres de stage d’Alsace).