Skin & Formulation,6th Symposium – Committee and Programme

Chairs of the conference 
  • Dr Vincent Faivre, University Paris-Saclay
  • Dr Anne-Marie Pensé-Lhéritier (HDR), President FRMGalesens
Programme Committee
  • Dr Frédéric Bonté, Director of Scientific Communication, Guerlain
  • Dr Laurence Coiffard, University of Nantes
  • Dr Vincent Faivre, University Paris-Saclay
  • Dr Nicolas Huang, University Paris-Saclay
  • Dr Valérie Muguet, Project Manager, Galenic Formulation, Laboratoires Pierre Fabre, Division Medical Care
  • Dr Anne-Marie Pensé-Lhéritier (HDR), President FRMGalesens

Monday 2nd October 2023

Tuesday 3rd October 2023

8:00-9:00Registration8:15-8:45Opening door
9:00-9:15Welcome speech STRATEGIES OF PRESERVATION
9:15-10:00OPENING LECTURE8:45-9:20Invited speaker: “Waterless” formulation
 Prof. Marc Brown: Risk mitigation in Topical Product Development: Orthodoxy, Automation and Innovation9:20-9:55       Invited speaker: Preservatives and microbiotes   
 SKIN BIOLOGY AND PATHOLOGIES9:55-10:15Selected speaker
10:00-10:35Prof. Laurent Misery: Sensitive skins (title tbc)10:15-10:45COFFEE BREAK AND POSTER SESSION
10:35-10:55Selected speaker10:45-11:20   Dr Pascale Gauthier: Formulation without preservatives: packaging
10:55-11:25COFFEE BREAK AND POSTER SESSION11:20-11:40Selected speaker
11:25-12:00   Dr Georgios Stamatas: Recent advances in skin maturation during infancy and childhood11:40-12:00Selected speaker
12:00-12:20Selected speaker12:00-12:20Selected speaker
12:20-12:40Selected speaker12:20-13:30COFFEE BREAK AND POSTER SESSION
 NEW DIRECTIONS IN SKIN DELIVERY: FORMULATION13:30-14:05   Invited speaker: 3D printed products and skin repair – title tbc
14:00-14:35    Xavier Ormancey: “Controversial” excipients: myths and facts  (title tbc)15:05-14:40   Invited speaker: Micro-needles and skin applications – title tbc
14:35-15:10    Invited speaker: “Controversial” excipients: strategy on substitution depending on regulatory status – title tbc14:40-15:00Selected speaker
15:10-15:30Selected speaker15:00-15:35Invited speaker
15:30-16:00COFFEE BREAK AND POSTER SESSION15:35-15:55Selected speaker
16:00-16:45    Dr Emilie Munnier & Dr François-Xavier Legrand: Deep eutetic solvents for skin formulations 15:55-16:15Selected speaker
16:45-17:05Invited speaker16:15-16:30Conclusion
17:05-17:25Selected speaker  

Prof. Marc Brown BSc PhD, CChem FRSC, Professor

Prof. Marc Brown co-founded MedPharm in August 1999  and he  has been the guiding force behind MedPharm’s scientific developments and intellectual property since its inception. He currently acts as Board Director and Chair of MedPharm’s Scientific Advisory Committee.  Prior to MedPharm he was an academic in the Pharmacy Departments at King’s College London (KCL) and the University of Hertfordshire. He retains honorary and visiting Professorships at the University of Reading, KCL, and De Montford University and in 2022 was awarded the status of Professor Emeritus of the University of Hertfordshire. He has over 200 publications and 26 patents describing his work. His research interests lie mainly in drug delivery to the skin, nail and airways and to date, he has been involved in the pharmaceutical development of over 55 products that are now on the market in Europe, America and Japan.

Xavier Ormancey, MSc, Laboratoires Pierre Fabre

Mr. Xavier Ormancey, MSc, is the Director of Research and Development for Pierre Fabre Dermo-Cosmetics and Personal Care. He has more than 35 years experience in the beauty industry in France and in USA (L’Oréal, Chanel, Yves Rocher, Beautycounter). As a specialist of natural cosmetics and clean beauty, he initiated the Conscious Care inception at Pierre Fabre, which enables the formulation of a new generation of dermo-cosmetic products safer and more efficient but also more committed and more respectful of resources and people.

Georgios Stamatas, PhD, Research Associate Director &Fellow, Translational Science, Johnson & Johnson Consumer Health

Dr Georgios Stamatas is a Biomedical Engineer with more than 20 years of international experience in Health Care industry. He is passionate about discovering actionable scientific insights, currently focusing on the understanding of skin physiology and the effects of topical skin care products. He is leading a scientific team pioneering work that ranges from microbiome and metabolome to computational biology and development on non-invasive clinical methods. This research has led to an important number of global “firsts” supporting the scientific credentials of Johnson & Johnson Consumer Health, including a paradigm shift in our knowledge of infant skin maturation and understanding the mechanisms of cutaneous adverse reactions during oncology therapy. Dr. Stamatas holds a PhD in Chemical/Biomedical Engineering and has co-authored more than 100 peer-review publications and 14 patents.