The APGI publishes publishes the newsletter “Gazette” and presentations from the Information Days.

The “Gazette”

Regularly, the APGI newsletter “Gazette” gives an update on the latest developments and news in the field and informs about upcoming conferences and other events. It is free of charge, sent to all APGI members and can also be downloaded from our website.

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Further publications.

If the speakers of APGI Information Days agree, their presentations are made available free of charge to all APGI members (upon login).

Here is an example from one of our Information Days:

“Accelerate your development, from powder to tablets – characterization, compression, dissolution”

  • Lucile Kowalski, Skyepharm “Styl’One Evolution /Industrial press correlation – case study on complex form
  • Samir Haddouchi, SPS Pharma “Better API characterization to speed up development”
  • Michel Magnier, Sotax “USP 4 Flow-through Cell Dissolution, From API to Dosage Form”