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20th International Pharmaceutical Technology Symposium 

September 6-8, 2021

Ankara, Turkey 

The major theme of 20th IPTS is going to be “shaping the Future of pharmaceutics”.

The major aim of these symposia, which we organize since more than 30 years, is to bring the scientists and researchers, who are working in the Pharmaceutical Technology field and the pharmaceutical industry together, which is one of the most dynamic industry sector in Turkey. The fruitful collaborations and platforms between are also aimed with the participation of international excipient and drug manufacturing companies.

ln IPTS 2020 f or three days, sessions with more than 50 internationally well-known scientists as plenary and invited lecturers will take place as scientific, regulatory and educational parallel sessions. The subtitles of the scientific session are going to be announced in a couple of months which the industry is in need of to discuss